Welcome! Eternally Confuzzled began as a supplementary resource for information that I personally was unable to find easily elseweb. Typically this meant data structures and algorithms that I felt were covered in insufficient detail. As such, most of the articles are limited to topics where it is my belief that this site is the only or best resource.

That said, I'd like to cover more varied and available topics in the future if only to offer my opinion and experience.


In-depth descriptions and steps for creating...something. Tutorials are generally self-contained and by following them readers should be able to create an application or library from the content contained therein.

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Various articles covering a single topic. Articles differ from tutorials in that they are more concerned with knowledge transfer than a step-by-step methodology for creating...something.

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Carefully written production-quality libraries by yours truly and often based on information described in corresponding tutorials/articles. All libraries are offered in the public domain, so no permission from the author is required to use them. However, the author assumes no responsibility for any damages that may occur from any use of material acquired on this website. Use them at your own risk.

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Updates (decending order)
  • 2015 (March): Added a tutorial on basic tries.
  • 2015 (March): Completely rewrote the article on rand based on feedback.
  • 2015 (March): Added an article on Windows services in C#. Hopefully, I'll start adding more C# stuff.
  • 2015 (March): Added an article on atoi.
  • 2015 (March): Obviously I redesigned the entire site. :)

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